The 2020 Houston Youth Voters Conference is a student-led, non-partisan, 4-part webinar series dedicated to empowering us as Houston youth to impact change in our communities and become civically educated. In 2020, we’ve already seen the importance of fighting for justice, and more young people getting involved in their communities. The Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 are greatly impacting our generation, and the 2020 Presidential Election is fast approaching. It is an incredibly important year for youth to be civically engaged.

Our 4-part webinar series addresses voter suppression, the impacts of COVID-19 in Houston and beyond, voter empowerment, and student activism. High schoolers and college students will have a platform to engage with their peers and student leaders, community organizations, speakers, and elected officials, leading to substantive learning and action-based activities. The goal of the four part conference is to increase civic education and participation and uplift marginalized communities as a united youth front. 

The Houston Youth Voters Conference is a collaboration between Rice University, Texas Southern University, the University of Houston-Downtown, the University of Houston, and Houston Community College. We are actively seeking to get more Houston colleges and universities involved, and we are excited to come together to learn, grow, and enact meaningful change in Houston.


Find out more about the organizers behind the 2020 Houston Youth Voters Conference here, and learn more about the organizations partnering with us here.